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What normal infant sleep looks like in the first year...

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

We want to normalize infant sleep, especially in the first year. Every baby is unique in their own way so it’s important not to compare your baby to others as this can cause a lot of unneeded stress. Every baby develops at different rates and this is something else to keep in mind. It is normal for a baby to prefer to sleep in your arms for the first few months as babies attach through the senses. They need to hear, see, feel and smell you. It is also normal for a baby 6 months and older to wake up in the night to eat. We all wake in the night when we are cold, hungry and uncomfortable. We shouldn’t expect anything less from our baby. There are many factors that affect sleep. Some of these include sleep progressions, developmental milestones, teething, illness, separation anxiety (9 months,12 months, 18 and 24 months), travel, colic, gas and reflux. If a baby is waking every hour at 6 months, this may need further investigation as this may indicate there is something else going on. Things to look for would be mouth breathing or snoring, restless throughout the night and during naps, and uncomfortable lying flat on their back. We suggest making an appointment with your doctor to ensure everything is okay.


The Sleep Sisters

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