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What families are saying about us...

“Could not be happier with the help of The Sleep Sisters!! Kristen taught me everything I need to know in order to get my man sleeping through the night. My son had a cold and was teething at the time and not once did I have to leave him alone to cry. She know mamas love is important and I didn't need to feel guilty once. She was patient, knowledgeable and overall a mother who gets it. Thanks for all your help!!”
- Jehna Dunford
“I am extremely grateful for the support I received from Kaylan with my daughter's. She is extremely dedicated, supportive and passionate with her work as a baby-led sleep specialists. She has a huge heart and works with you to get to the root of the problem, taking into account what is best for your child as she tailrs a plan based on your childs specific needs and temperment. I would highly recemmend The Sleep Sisters.”
- Jen Bromley.
“Kaylan has been such a joy to work with. She is dedicated and committed to finding gentle approaches that work for your family and recognizes the uniqueness of each baby. I am so thankful that we found her -- my only wish is that it had been earlier! She always encourages us to listen to our gut and we adapt as we go. The encouragement she gives is one of the best parts of working with her -- constantly acknowledging our hard work and reminding us that we are doing a great job. I didn't think we would get to a place where my son wasn't nursing all night long, but through Kaylan's gradual and gentle approach, we are finally there! I couldn't possibly recommend working with her enough.”
- Kate
“Kristen was an absolute pleasure to work with. Working with sleep deprived and desperate mothers is not an easy job, and she knew exactly how to respond to every need, question and emotion. The best part about this program is that it allows you to enhance your instincts, take a step back from the pressure and increase the bond with yourself and your baby. Every day is an unexpected adventure with my babies sleep, but after working with The Sleep Sisters, I feel more confident that I will remain calm, and pass my inner peace to help my baby relax. My favourite take away from this experience was “Do not be afraid of crying and tears, just do your best to be there to support the tears and remind your baby that you can support their emotions“. I love what I’ve learned and I’m grateful to have had this experience. I couldn't possibly recommend working with her enough.” 
- Shanaz
My husband and I are so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Kaylan! For start to finish, it was an incredibly positive, empowering and supportive experience. Kaylan used an extremely thoughtful and holistic approach in addressing each of our goals and developed a customized plan for our family. The results were nothing short of amazing and also provided us with the tools to continue to adapt to our daughter's changing sleep patterns and needs as we move forward. We learned so much and are so grateful to have had such a knowledgeable and encouraging partner to help guide us through our challenges. Thank you, Kaylan!
- Lianne
"I've bedshared with my baby since birth but by 8 months, I felt it was time for him to have his own sleep space. We tried a crib and traditional sleep training methods but after a solid week, they just didn't feel right for my family. So we did some research and felt we aligned more with a Baby Led Sleep approach and Attachment Parenting methods and so we found Sleep Sisters online - thankfully!


Kristen at The Sleep Sisters helped us transition my son into his own room and onto a floor bed which has worked beautifully for us. We got to the root of his frequent night wakes and our now 10-month old baby is a lot more comfortable sleeping on his own, waking on his own and going back to sleep on his own - all without leaving him to cry for hours on end. One thing I really loved was that Kristen really empowered me as a mother to listen to my instincts and do what felt right - even if it was against her recommendations. Having a professional validate my feelings made this experience that much more special and I now feel even more in-tune with my baby and his needs. 


Overall, my husband and I were very impressed with Kristen's professionalism, her in-depth insight and instruction and the time she took to getting to know us personally. In a world so distanced, cold and impersonal these days, this experience was much needed for us as first time parents. THANK YOU Kristen and Sleep Sisters for all that you do."

- Luisa, Greg and Beni
If you are struggling, feeling stuck or lost on your parenting journey I strongly recommend connecting with the Sleep Sisters! They are kind, passionate and knowledgeable about all things parenting-not just sleep! They use a gentle, intuitive and wholistic approach to helping parents tackle their parenting and sleep struggles. In our experience we found Kristen to be very supportive and empowering in making changes that we were comfortable with to improve the quality life for our whole family. She gave us several ideas and tools to support healthy sleep for our 8 month old son.
With the help and support of Kristen we were able to decrease the length of time it took to put our son to bed and decrease the number of night time wake ups without letting him “cry it out”. We are more confident and feel better equipped to help our son in the future thanks to the Sleep Sisters and their expertise.
- Nicole

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