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“Could not be happier with the help of The Sleep Sisters!! Kristen taught me everything I need to know in order to get my man sleeping through the night. My son had a cold and was teething at the time and not once did I have to leave him alone to cry. She know mamas love is important and I didn't need to feel guilty once. She was patient, knowledgeable and overall a mother who gets it. Thanks for all your help!!” Jehna Dunford
“I am extremely grateful for the support I received from Kaylan with my daughter's. She is extremely dedicated, supportive and passionate with her work as a baby-led sleep specialists. She has a huge heart and works with you to get to the root of the problem, taking into account what is best for your child as she tailrs a plan based on your childs specific needs and temperment. I would highly recemmend The Sleep Sisters.” Jen Bromley.
“Kaylan has been such a joy to work with. She is dedicated and committed to finding gentle approaches that work for your family and recognizes the uniqueness of each baby. I am so thankful that we found her -- my only wish is that it had been earlier! She always encourages us to listen to our gut and we adapt as we go. The encouragement she gives is one of the best parts of working with her -- constantly acknowledging our hard work and reminding us that we are doing a great job. I didn't think we would get to a place where my son wasn't nursing all night long, but through Kaylan's gradual and gentle approach, we are finally there! I couldn't possibly recommend working with her enough.” Kate
“Kristen was an absolute pleasure to work with. Working with sleep deprived and desperate mothers is not an easy job, and she knew exactly how to respond to every need, question and emotion. The best part about this program is that it allows you to enhance your instincts, take a step back from the pressure and increase the bond with yourself and your baby. Every day is an unexpected adventure with my babies sleep, but after working with The Sleep Sisters, I feel more confident that I will remain calm, and pass my inner peace to help my baby relax. My favourite take away from this experience was “Do not be afraid of crying and tears, just do your best to be there to support the tears and remind your baby that you can support their emotions“. I love what I’ve learned and I’m grateful to have had this experience. I couldn't possibly recommend working with her enough.”  Shanaz

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